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A Simple Space returns to Arts Centre Melbourne

The critically acclaimed circus production A Simple Space by Gravity & Other Myths is returning to Arts Centre Melbourne for an exclusive digital season as part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Together With You digital program.


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A Simple Space returns to Arts Centre Melbourne
Photo: Chris Herzfeld

A Simple Space was the debut work for Gravity & Other Myths. It has achieved momentous international success, been performed more than 850 times across 34 countries and received multiple awards, most notably the IPAY Victor Award for People’s Choice. 

The seven world-class acrobats strip their craft down to the bare essentials where talent and creativity shine through. This family-friendly celebration of strength, playfulness and friendship evokes real responses in audiences.


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A Simple Space returns to Arts Centre Melbourne
Photo: Chris Herzfeld

The performance is simultaneously raw, frantic and delicate, supported by driving live percussion as the acrobats are pushed to the physical limit, breaking down their usual guards and introducing the reality of failure and weakness. With nothing left to hide behind, their personal narratives come through naturally. This honesty is the essence behind A Simple Space.

Stunning and joyous for kids and adults alike, A Simple Space delights audiences with non-stop feats of exhilarating acrobatic ability.

A Simple Space returns to Arts Centre Melbourne
Photo: Chris Herzfeld

Creative Team

Directors: Triton Tunis-Mitchell, Jascha Boyce, Lachlan Binns, Jacob Randell and Martin Schreiber
Composer: Elliot Zoerner
Cast: Andre Augustus, Annalise Moore, Chris Carlos, Benton Adams-Walker, Josh Strachan, Ashleigh Pearce, Simon McClure and Alex Flood

Gravity & Other Myths

Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is an acrobatics and physical theatre company pushing the boundaries of new circus. Formed in Adelaide, Australia in 2009, GOM has rocketed to stellar acclaim with a series of disarmingly accomplished ensemble works. GOM utilises an honest approach to performance, to create work with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity.

Date: Monday 23 November 2020 until Tuesday 22 December 2020
Location: Streaming on demand
Duration: 58 minutes
Price: Free
Recommended for all ages
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