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Buy from the Bush is bringing hope to rural communities

The inspiration behind the Buy from the Bush campaign is to bring hope and support to rural communities who are facing the devastating effects of drought. First launched back in October 2019 by local Warren resident Grace Brennan, Buy from the Bush has grown into a fast-moving social media success story.

In just five months the response from the city has exceeded everyone’s expectations, with over 400,000 followers on social media. Products that are featured on the pages are selling out, businesses are doubling and tripling their annual income in a matter of days. 

#BuyfromtheBush campaign bringing life back to regional Australia
Image: #bftb Instagram page

It’s not just farmers that are affected, some of the earliest casualties of drought are small businesses that rely on cash flow from agricultural businesses. This campaign aims to ensure that businesses keep their doors open through this drought and bush makers and creators can access new markets.

Our project is trying to create stronger connections between city consumers and bush businesses to achieve long term outcomes for bush communities. At times of crisis, like extended drought and bushfire, creating stronger connections between the city and bush can mean a critical difference for small business.
Grace Brennan, Founder, Buy from the Bush

There is an incredible offering of creativity, productivity and innovation in bush businesses. From beautiful boutiques with curated collections of fashion and homewares to farmers diversifying into creative trades and many talented women running side hustles to generate alternative income streams.

Image: Bunny and Doll

“I have watched my husband work through this drought feeling very helpless. No words or consoling cuddles can detract from the relentless stress and fatigue caused by drought. My prayers have not made it rain. And yet, I desperately wanted to create a solution to this enormous problem of drought”
Grace Brennan, Founder, Buy from the Bush

After a friend told Grace that her family were ‘buying from the bush’ for their Kris Kringle last year, the seed was planted. Grace created an Instagram and Facebook page and began showcasing beautiful boutiques and wares available to buy from rural communities facing drought. The social media pages were a simple way that city dwellers could invest in the future of rural communities.


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Some of the beautiful Buy from the Bush businesses that are featured on #bftb:

Photo: Bunny & Doll

Bunny & Doll

Bunny & Doll is a handmade, bespoke baby apparel label created and owned by mother-of-two baby boys, Susie Picone. The label showcases baby basics including rompers, bodysuits, pants and sleepsuits in bright and unique prints with a unisex focus. Each item is made from organic cotton to ensure Bunny & Doll babies are dressed in safe, comfortable, breathable and quality clothing. Handmade in the small rural township of Blackall, Queensland, Bunny & Doll aims to provide practical and simple outfits for parents of babies that are versatile for both day-to-day wear at home or for going out-and-about.

Bunny & Doll: Susie Picone 
Connect with Bunny & Doll
Website, Facebook and Instagram

Photographer: Clancy Job

Kyah Wilson Art

Inspired by her country surroundings, Kyah’s paintings often depict rural life, farm animals and the Australian landscape. She uses a conglomerate of mediums which provide a layered background which imparts the feelings of life in NSW. She enjoys the freedom of wide-sweeping, emotive brushstrokes, rustic texture and the mist of aerosols. Her painting style is country as well as contemporary, appealing to both rural and city people both here and overseas.

Kyah Wilson Art: Kyah Wilson
Connect with Kyah Wilson Art
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Photo: Love thy farmer

Love thy Farmer

Sarah and Melinda are mums and best friends from Wee Waa, NSW. They are passionate about farming, rural communities and natural fibres, of which they believe Australia produces some of the best in the world. Love thy Farmer sells a range of Australian Cotton kids’ and adults’ t-shirts, tote bags, utility bags and tea towels + linen and Liberty tote bags.
Love thy Farmer, without them there is no food and fibre.

Love they Farmer: Sarah and Melinda
Connect with Love thy Farmer
Website, Facebook and Instagram

Photo: Cowboy Roy’s Adventures

Cowboy Roy’s Adventures

Where is Cowboy Roy’s hat? is an outback adventure that follows the journey of Roy as he searches around the cattle station to find his much-loved Cowboy Hat. This lovely story is self-published by Anna Nunn who lives on a cattle station in outback South Australia with her husband and 2-year-old son Roy. The book is illustrated in watercolour by Tanja Hasan-Warner.

Cowboy Roy’s Adventures: Anna Nunn
Connect with Cowboy Roy’s Adventures
Website, Facebook and Instagram

Buy from the Bush is bringing hope to rural communities
Image: Smithcraft Products

Smithcraft Products

Smithcraft Products is a small handmade business created by Jessie and Jesse Smith from Coonabarabran NSW. Through their relationship with Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Co-op, they were able to develop and begin producing a range of sheepskin drink coolers. This includes their featured Bottle Cosies which are designed to hold a variety of baby bottles as well as drink bottles for older children. They pride themselves on using predominantly natural materials to create their unique items.

Smithcraft Products: Jessie and Jesse Smith
Connect with Smithcraft Products
Website, Facebook and Instagram


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Buy from the Bush is bringing hope to rural communities

Be sure to check out their sister page @stayinthebush for inspiration on where to stay in the bush.



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