Our nappies are 100% bamboo fibre (top and back sheet), partially biodegradable, chemical-free, non-toxic, sustainably sourced and most importantly – do not come wrapped in ANY plastic packaging – this definitely sets us apart from the rest. Our nappies do not contain dyes, bleaches, fluoro agents, alcohol, preservatives, latex, polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, dioxins or fragrance.

Our nappies are available in either single packets or bulk boxes. We have carefully calculated the number of nappies in each packet to be the average nappy usage for one week. The number of nappies in each size packet will vary according to usage for that size range. One packet should last you a week, and one box should last you a month. Our full boxes are also available for a monthly subscription service - never run out of nappies again!


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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