About Us

Why Kiddiehood? 

Kiddiehood has been designed for you  the busy parent who no longer wants to buy everything brand new as your kids outgrow their clothes, toys and baby furnishings. We aim to make Selling of Baby and Kids things simpler for time-poor parents. Our parent-to-parent marketplace has a ‘Next in Line’ option so you can pass your Sale onto the Next in line Buyer in a single click. Our unique messaging system has been designed for a smoother and fairer transaction between Buyers and Sellers. Our listings are labelled with an availability status, so there's no need to ask if items are still available.


Our Mission

We want to help families around Australia reduce waste by recycling their pre-loved Baby and Kids things in a quick and easy way.

Cheri Cunningham, Founder of Mums Local Quarter


From the Founder

Being a busy mum of three I’m regularly overwhelmed with the number of things my kids have accumulated over the years.

It appears that most families are experiencing the same challenge as ours  What do we do with these things? And how do we get the kids to part with them?

I’ve been Selling and donating my kid’s pre-loved things since they were toddlers. Over the years my biggest frustrations while using other sites, have been waiting for people to collect items as agreed who never show, receiving multiple messages asking if items are still available and being gazumped from a Sale.

This inspired me to build a parent-to-parent marketplace that puts you in control of your sale and encourages a quick pick-up.

I know I feel better when the kid’s rooms are freed from excess toys & clothes. The kids too can make their own pocket money, relinquishing their much-loved things with a smile.

If you’re a bargain hunter like me, you’ll love Kiddiehood! A place where ‘preloved’ gets a new lease of life.

Happy Buying and Selling

Cheri Cunningham


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