NGV – Julian Opie Studio for Kids

You and the little ones are going to love the NGV – Julian Opie Studio for Kids. On at the NGV from 9 November 2018 – 17 February 2019.

As you approach the iconic water wall, which has been enhanced with the addition of digital fish swimming. You will get your first impression of the work of Julian Opie, deceptively simple outlines of people.

Known for his pop-art minimalist style his works break the subject down into their basic and appealing form. Bright, solid colour blocks and their outlines with a twist.

Beyond the water wall inside Federation Court, there is a collection of skyscrapers reaching up to 13 meters high, the scale manipulation made me feel a bit like Gulliver on his travels.

Julian Opie Studio for Kids

In the main exhibition – Harry Potter style images on the wall look like a picture but they move! Little man didn’t quite know what to make of it all, at one stage an image of an elderly woman blinked her eyes and he scooted behind the shield of my legs to evaluate.

The Julian Opie Studio for Kids is fun. There is a selection of felt shapes that can be put together to make small works of art, I apologise if your bits of felt have teeth marks as Little man was a bit peckish while we were there…look very closely at the hat below.

Julian Opie Felt Activities
Julian Opie Studio for Kids

The digital screens give kids the opportunity to create abstract outlined portraits of themselves. These images can then be shared via email or on social media.

Julian Opie Studio for Kids

Dates: 9 Nov 2018 – 17 Feb 2019
Location: NGV International
Price: Free

For more information click here.


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