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McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

This past weekend we had a gorgeous Sunday exploring the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, 390 McClelland Dr, Langwarrin Melbourne. Located a quick 40-minute drive south of the CBD toward Frankston, I highly recommend this place for a visit.

We came down the M11 and took the Skye Road exit, so we’d already seen a buckled overhead power line with an entangled meteorite enticing us before we reached the gallery.

The entrance drive takes you past a field of open-air sculptures. The kids were instantly intrigued by the sculpted ‘tree’ meditatively blowing in the breeze.


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McClelland Sculpture Park

After parking among the gums, we ambled down to explore.

What a fascinating array of sculptures, massive cubes, a meshy maze that the little man had a ball in gleefully evading his sisters who were ready to explore the duck pond.

The gardens are filled with Australian native flora which at this time of year has wattle in full bloom. The scent of eucalyptus and the sounds of native birds add another layer of sensory contentment.

Situated next to the gallery building is a smooth marble carving of the back of a man. The block face has been left exposed giving an appreciation of the painstaking work involved in sculpting the piece.

That was as close as we made it to the gallery as over the rise, drifting down the back of the property was a whole assortment of other fascinating sculptures to explore.

The back paddock

A suspended rock garden, a red earth rusted oversized rams skull, a low walled stone labyrinth and starlight room are just a few of the amazing pieces to be experienced.


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All I could think was how come I have never heard of this place before? It is beautiful!

We easily passed two hours exploring and even had an impromptu chant inside the white marbles. These big round iron balls that look like oversized marbles had great acoustics when you squished inside them. Outside the sound seemed normal but when you were in them the echo made the sound profoundly resonate. Very cool indeed.

Next time I’m going to pack an inspired picnic lunch to better compliment the setting, or maybe I’ll check out the gallery and cafe instead.

You can also augment your experience by downloading the rather fabulous izi.Travel app (Apple / Android) that tells you all sorts of interesting facts about the gallery and any other area you happen to be in that has a guide published.



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