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Review: Wizarding Academy Train

Professors from Oceania’s Saremcroft Wizarding Academy were on the lookout for new witches and wizards in Melbourne. My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan, so any experience that entails dressing up in a Hermione robe we had to check it out. Just over an hour, this interactive magical steam train experience had us spellbound.


Wizard's Academy train
Image: The Wizarding Academy magical steam train

The Wizarding Academy magical steam train locomotive travels the world collecting new magical talent from the four corners of the globe.

On an overcast Melbourne day, the train pulled out of Southern Cross Station, in a billow of steam, filled with enthusiastic students and Wizarding Professors.

Wizard's Academy train
Image: The Wizarding Academy magical steam train driver

Our Professor Titus Longmagriff came from a wizarding community in North America who had traded knowledge with the native American Indians.

As a master of potions, he set about teaching the students the secret formula to make the mind-controlling ‘Dragon Snot Potion’. A favourite food of hypogriffs too apparently, a bit too slimy for my liking.


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Wizard's Academy train
Image: Professor Titus Longmagriff

Olympia Tulpar our house captain, a capable third-year student assisted with our lessons.

We were honoured with a visit by the head wizard, Sarem Carquinlor herself. Wearing a billowing robe she imparted knowledge on magical beasts. Students exchanged tales of their favourite creatures.

Wizard's Academy train

Our next professor taught the fine art of spell casting, the eternally useful silencing spell, parents and children alike know the value of this spell!
A vanquishing spell and a useful protection spell. Little did we know how useful these spells would be later in the journey.

Unfortunately due to a magical incident, our steam train had to return to Southern Cross Station and we never made it to the mystical magic academy.

Our magical training up to this point served us well as it turned out all was not as it seemed within our carriage and all the magic we had learnt over the morning came in very handy!

After an engaging one hour journey, we safely disembarked, happy and content with our experience.

Tips: Arrive early and if you can get a forward-facing seat about midway down the carriage.




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