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The French Hack is your all-access Pass to speaking french confidently.

Learning a language or getting back into it is not for the faint-hearted.

Where do I start? How much time should I spend? How do I know if I have the right accent?

The old way of going to classes once a week is simply not enough to cover all the aspects of the language and let's not even think about the often impractical times slots, driving around town and last minute mad rush to blindly finish complex and awkward homework.

The way a French Hack Membership works is a little different as it will not only expose you to French every day but to all aspects of the language and its culture. You will be able to hear, read, talk and write every day as much or as little as you wish. You are in total control but also guided and supported.

To speak confidently, you need to let French in your life every day. Even a tiny French injection daily will help you improve your listening skills, your vocab but most of all your confidence. Add a soupcon of talking every day and bonjour progress !!

Music, films, series, texts and conversation are the best mix of everything. Each focuses on a different skill, each is a fun way to learn and work and I promise you will wonder how you leant French before without doing all this!

So, if you feel like giving all this a try, why not becoming a French Hack member right away?

There are 2 Memberships to choose from:

  • The Membership, which is best suited for adults who want to get back into French and comes loaded with fun activities, a real francophile community and lots of interaction, included La Pause Dej, our daily zoom catch up!
  • The Hack On Tap Membership, which is for Year 11 and 12 students who are doing French all the way at school. This one is a little bit more specific and students can expect to talk French, hear masterclasses on all aspects of the programme, have Q+A is almost like private tutoring ...every day.

(You can even cancel anytime if you realise it's not for you. No questions asked.)

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