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Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia will feature emerging young artists at this year’s Top Arts 2023. Now in its 29th year, Top Arts will showcase the talent of Victoria’s creatives who have excelled in VCE art subjects.


Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023
Image: Installation view of Emma Tripp’s Bigger Picture 2022 in Top Arts 2023 on display at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia from 17 March–9 July. Photo: Sean Fennessy

Top Arts 2023 celebrates the creativity, vision and commitment of 38 emerging artists and designers from across the state who have used art to bring their passions and concerns into sharp focus.

The exhibition features works that are provocative and introspective, spanning themes of cultural and gender identity, vulnerability, society and nature. 

Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023
Image: Top Arts 2023 exhibition image, Kiddiehood

The annual Top Arts exhibition demonstrates the astounding talent of Victoria’s young artists and designers as they contemplate the world around them following a challenging period of disruption. The level of technical and conceptual complexity present in this year’s exhibition is a testament to the resilience of young artists and we are proud to continue to foster their work, perspectives, and experiences at the NGV.

Tony Ellwood AM


Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023
Image: Minh Dang Sorrow 2022 coloured pencil, synthetic polymer paint 62.0 x 44.5 cm Swan Hill College, Swan Hill © Minh Dang

Highlights from the exhibition include Minh Dang’s striking portrait Sorrow 2022 which depicts the artist’s friend and reflects on the challenges of a young queer man growing up in rural Victoria.

Dagoman, Wardaman and Gurindji woman Jasmine Glass has produced three woven baskets using traditional weaving techniques, reflecting the young artist’s connection to Country, her cultural heritage, and the long lineage of Aboriginal women who maintained the practice before her.

Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023
Image: Jasmine Glass Women's Weaving 2022 raffia St Catherines School, Toorak © Jasmine Glass


Image: Eden Muster Ballerina Costume 2022 lycra, tulle, bridal tulle, tassels, beads, polyester wool, digital print s 115.0 x 105.0 cm (overall) Mildura Senior College, Mildura © Eden Muster

Mildura’s Eden Muster’s playful costume designs are reminiscent of childhood nostalgia and dress-up, intending to return audiences to a time of youth and impulsiveness set far from the pressures of adult life.

Hugo Martin’s Father and Poppy Series 2022 delves into family relationships, shared history and the sense of connection throughout time, painting hopeful and enjoyable scenes of the artist’s family across three generations.

Image: Hugo Martin Father and Poppy Series 2022 mixed media oil painting on paper a. 37.2 x 31.2 cm (father 1) b. 42.5 x 32.8 cm (father 2) c. 31.5 x 26.1 cm (poppy 1) d. 38.1 x 34.6 cm (poppy 2) Melbourne Grammar School, South Yarra © Hugo Martin

For Jack Snow-Viener, the Sulphur photographic series overlays images, asking viewers to contemplate their own notions of what is conventionally beautiful. 

Image: Jack Snow - Viener Sulfur Series (detail) 2022 inkjet print 48.5 x 33 cm St Michaels Grammar School, St Kilda © Jack Snow - Viener


Showcase of emerging young artists at Top Arts 2023
Image: Beth Pert Mycotoxins 2022, Top Arts 2023 exhibition image, Kiddiehood

Top Arts 2023
Date: 17 March – 9 July 2023
Location: Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Federation Square
Price: Free

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