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Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024

Glow Winter Arts Festival is celebrating ten years of illumination! Returning from 18 – 21 July 2024, the Glow Winter Arts Festival presents a free program of stunning, immersive outdoor installations to spark curiosity after dark in Malvern East. Glow invites visitors on a magical journey of light through Central Park.

The Glow Winter Arts Festival immerses audiences over four stunning nights, featuring innovative works never before presented in Victoria.



Installations: The Incredible Talent Behind Glow Winter Arts Festival

Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024
Image: Ephemeral Collection, credit: Atelier Sisu


The Ephemeral Collection is inspired by the events of 2020 when the world paused and everything we took for granted began to vanish, capturing the essence of transient beauty and living in the moment.

Created by Sydney-based design studio Atelier Sisu, known for their work at the intersection of art and architecture, the collection features large-scale, site-specific installations crafted from colour-reflecting dichroic film that reacts with light to produce an iridescent effect.

These artworks, ranging from one metre to a 16-metre cluster of bubbles, harmoniously integrate with their surroundings. Emulating the ethereal quality of bubbles, the Ephemeral Collection connects audiences to their environment, appealing to universal playfulness and childlike wonder, and encourages viewers to see the world as a space of transience and fragility.

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Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024
Image: Choosing Paradise, credit: Maurice Goldberg


Choosing Paradise is a dynamic wake-up call, urging us to envision and create a future filled with beauty and love, inspired by a vivid dream of Utopia. This 14-metre inflatable sculpture emphasises our power to choose, highlighting that our imagination can lead to either destruction or construction. Integrating music, video, and dramatic form, it reminds us that our eyes, the “windows to our soul,” see and feel the future, guiding us to respond constructively to life’s challenges. 

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Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024
Image: Encircled Enlightenment, credit: Skunk Control


In times of darkness and uncertainty, beacons of light emerge to offer solace, balance, and refuge. Encircled Enlightenment presents 42 bulbous flowers rising from a watery bed, reaching heights of up to 3 metres. Each petal is adorned with optical filters that cast vibrant colours, illuminating their surroundings with deep hues. These installations symbolise guardianship of nature, offering enlightenment, heightened awareness, and a sense of joy amidst challenging times.

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Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024
Image: Delicate Deliberations, credit: Skunk Control


Delicate Deliberations features a bed of over 1,000 flowers, each adorned with optical filters that reflect and transmit light, creating dynamic colour displays. Inspired by the complexity of nature’s interconnectedness, these flowers symbolise decision points and junctures in life, offering a visual exploration of the synergies that unite all living beings. The installation invites contemplation on the profound interconnectedness of our choices and their impact on the world around us.

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Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024
Image: HEXADECA, credit: Pulsing Heart


HEXADECA is a participatory artwork that empowers audiences to interact with art through tactile engagement.

This music-making playground invites the public to take on the role of conductors. By spinning in bespoke glowing seats, participants activate segments of a musical score, revealing the full soundscape only when all seats are occupied.

The joy emanating from HEXADECA is universal, transcending generational, socio-economic, and cultural boundaries. It creates a space for playful exploration and fosters an authentic collective experience.

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Information about Glow Winter Arts Festival 2024 and Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Glow Winter Arts Festival?

Glow will illuminate Central Park Gardens in Malvern East from 18 to 21 July 2024.

What time does the Glow Winter Arts Festival run?

Operating hours are Thursday 5 pm – 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 5 pm – 11 pm, and Sunday 5 pm – 10 pm.

Where is the Glow Winter Arts Festival?

Central Park, Malvern, the corner of Burke Road and Wattletree Roads.

How can I get to Central Park?

Families can walk, cycle, or use public transport to reach Central Park. Tram Route 5 (Melbourne University to East Malvern) stops at Central Park (Stop #52). There is limited on-street parking.

What age group is the Glow Winter Arts Festival suitable for?

Glow is suitable for all ages, from the young to the young at heart.

How much does it cost to attend?

Attendance is free!

Can we purchase food at the event?

Hot drinks and snacks will be available for purchase onsite.

Is the Glow Winter Arts Festival accessible?

Central Park has limited wheelchair accessibility, but they are improving access with pedestrian matting across lawn areas for the event. 

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