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Review: Ecoriginals disposable nappies and baby wipes

When I gave birth to my first child I had all the good intentions of using cloth nappies, then after a couple of weeks, I realised they weren’t for me. So the cloth nappies were used as rags and I bought nappies from the supermarket.

Much to my horror, most nappies take about 200-500 years to decompose! Imagine all the parents using 5+ nappies a day, that’s a lot of nappies heading to landfill. What terrible environmental impact this must have on the planet. Luckily over the past years, some very clever companies have designed biodegradable nappies, yah!

I was curious to see how Ecoriginals disposable nappies and baby wipes stood up compared to non-compostable nappies. So I thought I’d give them a go.


The Test

Review: Ecoriginals disposable nappies and baby wipes


First thing you’ll notice about Ecoriginals nappies is the packaging it’s not plastic its bioplastic. The label advises its a 100% compostable material meeting Australian Standards 4736 – standard for biodegradable plastics making them suitable for composting. I like their recommendation to use the bag as a bin liner once the nappies have been used. Packaging should take approx 90 days to decompose.

Review: Ecoriginals disposable nappies and baby wipes

So what’s in the nappies?

The absorbent layer is made of wood pulp from sustainably farmed forests carrying the SFI logo (sustainable forest initiative). The nappies don’t contain perfumes, lotions, chlorine, dyes, heavy metals, phthalates, parabens and dioxins.



The nappies are soft to touch, carry no scent and apart from a small coloured tab at the front are plain. Having a biodegradable inner lining I found that the absorbency was good, successfully drawing moisture into the nappy and away from the skin. No more nappy rash!

The nappies were good during the day, as long as you change or keep an eye on the nappy every 2-3 hours. At night I didn’t have much luck. My son does like to drink milk before bed and the nappies didn’t make it through the night. There were small leakages. 

I love the idea that you can order a subscription for the nappies and baby wipes which means you never run out. One less thing to think about in the crazy world of raising kids! Ecoriginals nappy sizes are:

  • Newborn: 4-6 kgs
  • Infant: 4-8 kgs
  • Crawler: 7-11 kgs
  • Toddler: 10-15 kgs
  • Walker: 14-20 kgs
Review: Ecoriginals disposable nappies and baby wipes

Ecoriginals baby wipes

The Ecoriginals baby wipes are made from plant-based ingredients and are 100% compostable. These baby wipes are fantastic! They are absorbent, thick, soft to touch and the sheets are embossed for easy wiping. I love that there are no nasties – No chlorine, alcohol, fragrances, phthalates or parabens. They are hypo-allergic perfect for sensitive skin. A full-size pack contains 70 wipes.

More information on ‘Trial Pack’
More information on ‘Subscription Monthly Box’ Shop for Nappies or shop for Baby Wipes.

About Ecoriginals

Husband and wife team Lachlan and Lisa from Byron Bay were so frustrated with the Eco nappies options in the Australian market, that they made it their mission to design an eco nappy that was eco-friendly, great quality, super soft, absorbent and no plastic packaging. They spent years researching, trialling, testing, talking to mums, manufacturers, retailers, scientists and green organisations around the world. They launched their first eco nappies in Australia in December 2013.


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